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Pearl Clutching and Simonizing

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Jaki's Brain: Walking Medical Miracle


As I mentioned before I have in the past been afflicted with both Scarlet Fever and Pericarditis (infection in the lining of my heart), I was in a coma for four days at the age of three and have a balloon in my neck from a surgery to remove a cyst. I’ve also had shingles.

So when my neck…

My friend Jaki is like a walking season of House. 

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Just wrote this in an email to a writer friend:

“It is always on my mind a little bit, being aware of who my readers are and also engaging in a conversation with them, because I really love to be in that conversation. That’s when it gets interesting for me, because I am an inherently lonely person. Anytime someone cares about my writing, even if it’s just a tweet, I feel a little less alone. It might be a sad thing to say although I don’t feel sad saying it.”

Not a sad thing to say.